Monday, October 2, 2017

Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt

Do you know what a little library is?  It is a free book exchange.  Imagine books available all the time, all over the world.
Our local news station covered a story on little libraries.  A couple of months ago we happened to be invited to a birthday party at a park and we happen to come across a little library.  We found a book that was age appropriate for our daughter.  She loves this book.  Lil Bit is now in Kinder and our goal is for her to be reading by the end of this school year.  After Open House and meeting her teacher, we are so excited to support our daughter in achieving her educational goals this year.  So after learning about website, we decided to use the map locator to search our area for a nearby little library.

The first location, which was at a park, we came to had no children's book.  So that's when our impromptu scavenger hunt began.  We then headed to the next location that was not too far.  The little library was at someone's house.
It was kinda weird walking up to someone's driveway to look in but my daughter had no shame in her game.  She was ready to find a book.  She found Pete the Cat.  It is a My First I Can Read Book series.  My First is ideal for sharing with emergent readers which is perfect for my daughter.  We were given a list of 100 high frequency words she needs to know by January.  So were successful for my daughter but not for my son.  At this point, he was excited to find a book for himself.  So we were off to find the next little library.  I am so amazed at how many little libraries are available.
Guess, who found another book she just had to have?  This little library was running low on books.  Someone left a dictionary but nothing appeal my college student.  I am a proud parent when both of my kids want to find books to read.  Patting my back, pat-pat.
 Jackpot.  This little library was overflowing.  It was kid friendly with so many choices for all ages.  On our way home we noticed one more library at a local hospital.  What a great idea to have a little library in a hospital waiting area.  It was closed as it was Sunday.  But check it out, a phone booth.
It was such a fun experience.  Both of my kids found books that they wanted to read.  We will be grabbing books from our home library to sprinkle around into these little libraries.  Can't wait to see what we find next time.

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