Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hispanicize Texas 2017

In 2011, I attended my very first Hispanicize event in California.  Little did I know that after that I would have a little surprise in my oven.  With me almost losing Lil Bit and my near death experience after birth, I truly cherish my family time.  Traveling without my family for work or conferences went to the back burner.  This is why I appreciate when conferences come to Texas.

Even better when they come to my home town of Houston.  According to census reports, Houston is the biggest metropolis city in Texas.  It is the 4th most populous city in the United States.

Thanks to the all the people that made this happen.  Especially Manny Ruiz, founder of Hispanicize.  Hispanicize Texas 2017 was hosted at Silver Street Studios with a full schedule of panels, brand/creator meet and greets, and unlimited opportunities.  A wonderful event that gathered creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs all under one roof.

And if you know Latinos, we go everywhere with family.  So nobody gets left behind.  This includes our Latinitos who are paving their own way.  Sessions were available for the tween/teen creators.

It is also a conference that celebrates our culture.  You know it is not a Latino event unless there is music and dancing because wherever we go, there is always a party.

(Thanks to United for helping celebrate our culture)

(Thanks to Kroger for the delicious treats)

One of my most favorite things is seeing the comadres/compadres.  It is like a family reunion.  We come from far and wide.  It is crazy how many friendships I have made online through social media.

And did I tell you, there is always an after party.

(closing night reception - Henke and Pillot featuring Valerie Ponzio from The Voice, Team Blake)

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Elizabeth said...

I love that there were events for the kids and teens--future content creators and voters!