Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tips to the Best Camping Trip

I am going to start by saying I am not an expert but I have learned a thing or two from our camping trips.  Camping has become a part of our summers.  We all love to be one with nature.  Experiencing the great outdoors together has brought us closer.  It is something we do that we all enjoy.
1)  Location-Our first camping trip was to Canyon Lake, not too far away from us.  And now our goal is to visit a different campsite each camping trip.  We are discovering new places each time.

-research your location
-fees or cost
-reservations needed

2)  Tent or Cabin-Camping is camping whether you do it in a tent or stay in a cabin.  We like to do real camping and really enjoy pitching our tent.  Even if we happen to put the rain guard upside down.  The first time we went camping, we didn't even have our own tent.  We stayed in our friend's tent.  Another different time we even spent the night in our truck because it rained so hard our used tent leaked.  Lessons learned.

-find a tent or cabin that fits your family's needs
-if you go with a tent, make sure to get a rain guard or scotch guard your tent.
-follow the directions, even you think you know it all.

3)  Fire-Are you going to be grilling?  charcoal or wood?  What's camping without a campfire?  We tried to Bear Grills it with a flint but had no success, we would have died before we had a fire.

-check to see if your camp ground allow grills
-is there a burn ban in effect?

4)  Food-The first time we went camping we learned that camp food does not suck at all.  You can make anything in a Dutch oven. 

-meal plan each meal for the entire trip
-make grocery list      
-pick your favorite foods or get creative

5)  Discover-Shelter-check, Food-check, now it is time for you to enjoy yourself.  The first time we went camping my son went fishing for the first time and caught his first fish.  There is so much to discover in the great outdoors.  Have fun!


Make the best of every trip.  It does not have to be perfect.  You will forget things, even if you make a checklist.  Things will go wrong  It may rain everyday you are there.  The memories you make together cannot be replaced.  The time you spend with the family is precious time they will treasure for ever. 

Here are some more pictures from our camping trip this Summer at Garner State Park:

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