Monday, December 14, 2015

New Driver-Car Tips

***Disclosure-I was allowed to test drive the new 2016 Scion tC for a week.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

As a new driver, what did you learn about your car?  I remember not learning anything about my car but learning about the road.  I wanted to pass my driving test so bad, I studied my book front to back.  But I did not study or learn about my car like that.  Now as a mom of an almost driver, I wanted to go over some car tips that I learned later on in my life.

Do you know what side your gas tank is on?  Have you ever driven someone else's car and needed to pump gas? 
Look in the picture, do you see the little arrow on the gas pump?  Whatever side it points to is the side that your gas tank is on.  Easy, right?  Did you know that? 
Also, some cars have a lever near the driver's side door to pull for the gas tank door to open.

Do you know how to use cruise control?  I never did.  I travel a lot and refused to use it.  I was so scared to try it.  I was afraid it would be stuck and I could not get out of the speed I was on.  Some cars are different but the same concept.
The Scion tC has a button that needs to be pushed in to set cruise control on.  Check that the icon comes on when you hit the button.
 Next, learn how to use your cruise control.  How do you set it?  Is it by a pull down of the lever or a push up?  How do you release cruise control? 
 A new driver may not need to learn how to do this just yet but it may cause a panic attack is they accidentally hit the button on.  I freak out when any light comes on in my vehicle.  Go over the different lights that can come on in the car, so that the driver will know what is going on.  A distraction can cause an accident.  In some vehicles when a warning light comes on, the vehicle can start making a dinging sound alerting the driver, and this could distract the driver.  It is better to know what to expect.

The first car I drove around was my dad's hand-me down used car.  It had many miles on it and it was a vehicle taking to and from school.  I was not complaining.  But again, I never inspected the vehicle and one day when I got a flat I was stuck on the road.  This was way back when not everyone had a cell phone, omg, yes there was a time.  So I was stuck on the road alone.  Someone stopped to helped me and asked if I had a spare?  I didn't know.  Yes, naïve.  Did I have a jack?  IDK...So now any vehicle I get into, I always check to see if I have a spare and a jack, just in case.
Do you know where to look?  Do you know how to use a jack or change a tire?  My name says it all, but it was not always like this.  I learned to become independent.  So in case I am ever stranded with a flat, I know what to do, do you?  Don't be the damsel in distress.  Or at least know if you have the right tools for someone to help you change your flat.  Remember to always be safe.  We once got a flat in my mom's old station wagon.  It sounded like a helicopter was following us.  But it was not, it was a flat.  My mom ended up getting stuck at the entrance of the freeway.  Luckily some good Samaritans stopped to help get us off the freeway and to a safe place for the tire to be changed.  I have heard too many horror stories of people getting hit on the freeway after getting a flat. 

Be safe.
If your car will make it, get off the road.
If you are on the freeway, head for the shoulder.
If your tire will make it, try to get off the freeway and head to a safe place to change the flat.
If you have roadside assistance, call them.
I always call a family member and tell them where I am, and my plan of action.

Tips like this can help when driving a new car, driving someone else's car, or being a new driver.

Recently driving the new 2016 Scion tC, I was able to check all of it's features out.  For this car being a 2-door vehicle, it has a lot of space.  Check out the truck space:
It fit my family of 4 comfortably.  My husband was skeptical at first but I think he is now looking at the Scions totally different.  My son and I even cruised down to San Antonio.  We had a smooth drive to and from.  And that truck space even allowed me to do all of my holiday shopping.

Stylish and sporty.  One of our favorite features was the panoramic moon roof.  But the feature that everyone loved the most was the interior floor lights that you can control by the push of a button.  My daughter wanted it pink when she was in the car.  My son picked blue.  My husband wanted it green.  I just agreed with whoever was riding with me. 

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