Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tips to DIY Photo Shoot

Have you ever had a photo session?  I have been to the places at the mall which are not too expensive.  But now with all of the Pinterest ideas, who wants plain studio pictures when you can do full photography sessions.  I can't afford those.  So I am trying to learn how to do a session myself.  Here are some tips from what I have learned from my very first session with my daughter for her birthday pictures:

1)  Camera-I borrowed my friend's camera.  I cannot take professional photos with my cell phone.  Well at least those pictures will not have good pixels for when I want to print or enlarge those pictures.  My very own camera is on my Christmas list this year.

2)  Battery-Make sure your camera is charged.  When I called my friend to borrow her camera she mentioned needing to charge it.  This has happened before that when you need the camera it is not charged.  So plan ahead and charge your battery.

3)  Memory Card-Make sure your memory card is not full.  Download your pictures after each session.  Delete the ones you don't need before downloading.  Then you don't use up space on unwanted pics.  This will also prevent your session from being cut short.  No space, no pics.

4)  Theme-What are your pictures going to be for?  This will help with the next tip...  

5)  Location-Find a location that works for you.  A park, your house, your favorite spot.
A place that goes with the theme.  We have a favorite park that we have done pictures for many different reasons.  I love the landscape there and the pictures always come out great.

6)  Outfit-Coordinate your outfit with your theme.  Christmas pictures-maybe wear green, and red. Birthday or Anniversary-your favorite colors.  

7)  Props-Your theme may call for props.  Bring some mistletoe, a blanket, or accessories, etc..

8)  Assistant-You may need help taking pictures, carrying the props, or outfit changes.  It is also good to have someone assist when you are working with kids.  Help fix hair, fluff dresses, or make the person in the picture laugh.

9)  Fun-I always say, if something is a chore then don't do it.  Leave it to the professionals.  Taking a picture is capturing a moment in time.  Portraying a memory.  Giving someone your vision through an image.

10)  Display-Print your art.  The pictures you take are an artwork.  Your own.  Print out wallets for family.  Enlarge the print you took and display it.    
This is our masterpiece.  Our theme for this birthday is Ariel the Mermaid.  This was our favorite photo of our daughter.  So powerful.  We went ahead and printed it so we could display it for her birthday and also in our home.  We went online to AdoramaPix as a metal print.  It came out great.

Metal Prints
Your images are infused right into the surface of a solid sheet of metal, resulting in bright vivid colors, a rich iridescent sheen, incredible depth of detail, and outstanding durability.

You can pick the shape of you print to be a square, rectangle, heart, panoramic, round, oval or a designer shape.  We did rectangle because of the angle of the picture.  This print is actually  11 X 17.  Do not let the big candlestick holder fool you.  The candlestick holder is huge as well.  This is a prop for her party and it works perfect for her theme.

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