Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Travel Tuesday-Schlitterbahn Water Park Safety Tips

***Disclosure-This is a sponsored post through USFG.  I received complimentary tickets for my family.  All opinions expressed all my own based on my personal experience.

It is hot outside.  Are you heading to a water park anytime soon?  We head South every Summer to Schlitterbahn Galveston.
 It is important to talk to your children before you head to the park.  Once you get to the water park it is important to go over Water Safety.  We recently took our first trip this year.  Here are some tips we went over with our kids:
1)  Meeting Spot.  If this is your first time to the water park, check out the map with the kids.  Even if your kids will be with you the entire time, it is a good idea that you talk with them in case they get separated from you.  While we ate lunch, we noticed a little boy around 4-5 years old who was being carried to Guest Services.  He lost his parents.  He was crying.  He looked so scared.  The employee was reassuring him that they were looking for his mommy.

Do you know where kid's are taken when an employee finds them?  Kids wander off.  Imagine losing your baby in a crowded water park.  They will panic and you will too.  Talk to them about what to do if they get lost.  I have a 3 year old.  I don't take my eyes off of her but you never know.  I would freak out.

Back to the lost little boy, they found his mommy.  Shortly after being taken to Guest Services, his mother came to find him there.

2)  Buckle Up.  There are life jackets all over the park.  You can find the right one for your child's size.  Life jackets are recommended for children under 48" or for weak swimmers.
3)  To tube or not to Tube, that is the question.
Go over tube safety with your children before they get on the water.  The tubes have handles for them to hold on to.  The tubes also are labeled telling you how to be in them.  If you have smaller children, they can ride along in the double tube that has a clear seat.  They have the double tubes that don't have the seat too.

Schlitterbahn has tubes all over the park for your use, free of charge.  If you need help finding the right one for you, find an employee and they will show you where to get one.  I have found that if you head up the ramp towards the castle, on the left, that is where we always find the double with the seat tubes.
  4)  Supervise your children.  The life guards are not paid to babysit your kids.  They are there in case of an emergency to save a life, or prevent someone from drowning.  They can also help if someone in your family gets hurts.

While we were in the Treasure Island Play area we noticed how fast, a life guard came to aid a hurt child.  A little girl scrapped her foot and was bleeding.  The life guard was quick to get First Aid to assist.  I had noticed an employee walking around checking on the life guards.  He was carrying around a First Aid kit.  He assisted the parent with their hurt child and the other life guard was back at his post.  Always be aware of the nearest life guard.  Just in case.

Remember things are going to happen regardless.  They will just be stories to tell later, right.  The point is to prevent something bad from happening.

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