Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bridal Shower DIY

A bridal shower is one of the special moments you as a bride-to-be gets to share with your ladies.  Your wonderful friends surprise you and it is a wonderful time of laughs and joy to kinda take you away from all the chaos going on before the wedding.  But throwing a bridal shower at work can be a little tricky.  One of our dear co-workers is getting married this month.  We decided to throw her a bridal shower at work.  We wanted it to be a surprise and also make it special just for her.  Her wedding colors are purple and silver.  One of the things we found that we all agreed on for the decorations was keeping it classy.  We searched Pinterest, the internet, and blogs for ideas.  We kinda knew what we wanted and so we decided to come up with our own design with the colors chosen.  We decided to decorate her office and make her space so special for her.  It would be a mini party space for the ladies and a big surprise for the bride-to-be to walk into that morning.  This is how we made it special and our DIY tips.
1)  Door Sign-This is an 8 X 10 door sign that is printed on regular paper.  Then glued to a piece of corrugated and taped to the door.  Our bride-to-be's future last name is Taylor so the Taylor made just made sense.  Do you see the purple's we used?  I like the two tone contrast.
2)  Window Curtains and Window Signs-We custom made these signs to cover the exact size of her windows so that she could not see what was inside.  We used white table cloths as valances.
3)  Picture Frames-These picture frames are already hanging in her office.  We replaced her pictures with 8 X 10 pictures printed on regular paper with the theme we are using.  This brought the room together and it added the tough of color we needed.
4)  Chalkboard sign-This is what is so popular right now at weddings and parties.  This is custom made but it is so easy to do.  All you need is a chalkboard, chalk, and letter stencils.  Draw out your wording and then use the chalk to trace it over.  So easy and inexpensive.
5)  Chandelier-We gave the room a spark of girlyness by adding a chandelier.  This is made with corrugated.  It is sprayed with silver glitter.  By the way make sure if using canned spray to do it in an area that will be safe for you to work on.  This can actually exploded when being used.  We were the 1% of people that this probably happens to, lol.  Purple ribbon was used to hang it.  The purple hearts and wire string are the pretty things hanging off of it.  You can add your own sparkle depending on your theme or colors.
6)  Hanging Picture Signs-I actually bought these thinking the example on the picture is what they looked like but I was wrong.  When I opened this package it was 3 pieces of paper, 3 strings, and 1 chalk.  So this is easy to make.  Just use construction paper, chalk, ribbon or fish wire, and print your own pictures.
7)  Mum-A special mum was made for the bride-to-be.  This is easy.  You can purchase all the items at a craft store.  You need a big flower, ribbons, glitter pens, letters, and other decorative items wanted to be added.  The craft stores sometimes have kits already with the starter kit you may need.  You can find it in the homecoming section right now.
8)  Water bottle or wine signs-These can be easily printed on 8 X 10 paper.  We took the branded paper of the water bottles and put our own signs on them to decorate and personalize the waters.  I used clear tape to kinda laminate them.  You can also use this method when icing down the waters in the coolers.  We also made the same sign bigger to add the the wine candle bottle.  I received that wine candle bottle for Christmas.  Have no idea where they purchased it from but I have had it there and had not used it.  It was perfect for this occasion.
9)  Bride Bag-We decided to make a special bag for our bride because there was not one that clearly said what we wanted it to say.  Sometimes that is exactly where DIY projects come from.  There is a need for an item, so you have to create it.  Our special bag said "Always A Bridemaid, Today A Bride!"  Someone had a bag they had received but never used.  So we added our own spin to that bag.

We also printed extra pictures and had them all over her office.  The other windows were decorated with a large purple valance draped down.  For decorative purposes we added white flowers and ribbon to each loop.  Also, in the last pictures you might be able to see the wine glass.  I purchased this but all it said was bride and it was white.  We added some stars to it and it came out perfect.  Lastly the last person who got married brought her Bachlorette sign, crown, and feather boa.  This is believed to be a sign of good luck.  Passing the luck from one bride to another.

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