Friday, May 18, 2012

Live Below the Line

Have you ever tried to see what others go through?  You have you ever experienced not having much.  I grew up not having much but what I had was alot!!  I was very blessed to be here in America and that my mother provided all she could for us.  Though at the time it may not have seemed like alot.

Try living on $1.50 per day.

Here was my game plan and menu:

Ramen Noodles-$2.10 (If you find a sale ($0.15), you can luck out and stock up.  lunch and dinner)
Quacker Old Fashioned Oatmeal-$3.00 (breakfast and snack)

So a total of $5.10

This is a strict menu but staying under $7.50 does not give you many options.  And when you dont have much you are not picky and you do not have options.  I would not complain about food if I didnt have food.  I have options and I missed food.  But this was very eye opening.

If you would like to help, please go to the Live Below the Line website

***Disclosure-I took the Live below the line challenge.  I am a Bzz Agent.  No compensation or sample kit received.

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