Friday, July 1, 2011

Pregnant Diaries-Genetic Testing

Yesterday my beautiful baby turned 12 weeks old. I had a Genetic Test scheduled.

Do you know what a Genetic Test is? There are many misguided rumors, and thoughts. According to Wikipedia, Genetic testing is "the analysis of, chromosomes (DNA), proteins, and certain metabolites in order to detect heritable disease-related genotypes, mutations, phenotypes, or karyotypes for clinical purposes."

Who is this test offered to? It is actually offered to anyone and everyone. I am 32 but will be 33 when I have the baby. This test was not offered to me 12 years ago when I was 20 having my 1st baby.

Is it covered under insurance? My insurance covers this test but you will have to call your insurance to see if yours does. We only had to pay the regular dr's visit co-pay.

What happens? We were referred by my OB/GYN. A visit was scheduled for me right at week 12. But you can go between 11 to 13 weeks. When we arrived we were greeted and given an information sheet on the test. We were showed a video which explains the test more in detail. And a nurse came in to answer any question we may have. Then we headed to the ultrasound. It is amazing to see your baby at 12 weeks. On my 1st pregnancy I don't remember doing an ultrasound until I was about 5 or 6 months. The tech showed us the facial features, heart, arms, legs, etc... We even heard the baby's heartbeat. This was so special to me becuase my husband and son were both there to share this experience. Yes my 12 year old was allowed to be in the room. I even saw a smaller child go in before me, which is great for parents trying to include siblings. After the ultrasound, we got pictures to keep of our baby. I then headed to give a blood. We opted to find out the sex of the baby. So in 7 to 10 days we will know. The odds are good odds that these results will be correct but I dont remember the specific percent. So dont let me lie to you, with all the excited, and tears I the number totally escaped me. So the testing is pretty simple and you are not putting the baby at any risk. After everything is analyzed we will have results.

So if you are pregnant, ask your doctor about your options on testing. No matter the results we are keeping our baby. This kind of testing will let my doctor know how better to help me and the baby during and after the pregnancy. As a mother, you always want the best for your baby. So ask questions, do your own research, or schedule an appointment today. Good Luck and Have a Happy Healthy Pregnancy!

***I will be sharing with you my personal experiences about my pregnancy. All opinions are my own. All experiences are my own as well, you may experience something totally different.

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