Friday, September 10, 2010

Waterpik SinuSense™ review

I am an allergy suffering, asthma baby. Anything gets in my nose and OMG I am in a whole heap of trouble. I remember growing up an sneeezing for minutes straight without stopping. And then I heard that every time you sneeze your heart skips a beat, WHAT? So needless to say, I have been looking for help in every which way possible. Recently I watched Jessica Simpson's new show about Beauty. It was the episode where she traveled to India. She did all kinds of cleanses but the most intriging one was the nose cleanse. I was recently recommended to do nose cleansing by my doctor.

Why Keep Your Nose Clean
Ancient remedy, modern-day solution.
Used for centuries as part of daily health routines around the world, sinus washing is renowned for its ability to keep sinus passages clear of congestion, allergens and everyday debris. In fact, it’s more effective than saline sprays in preventing and alleviating symptoms.

There is growing scientific evidence supporting the use of nasal irrigation for these conditions and supporters of this therapy assert that it is more soothing and less expensive than many over-the-counter drugs; it also lacks side effects such as drowsiness or upset stomach that may be associated with other therapies.

Your nose is a filter that is constantly cleaning out the toxins and debris we inhale every day. Just as you wash your hands to prevent disease, cold and flu, you also want to wash your nose to Keep the Outside Out.™ It’s an all-natural, safe approach to better breathing.

Medical professionals are sinus-wash smart.
ENTs (Ear, Nose, Throat specialists) and Allergists recommend sinus washing, as part of your daily routine (like brushing your teeth), to patients suffering from allergies and other sinus ailments. Compared to other more complicated remedies on the market, sinus washing is safe, easy and has no side effects.

Why Waterpik® SinuSense™?
SinuSense Home → Sinus washing upgrades.
Waterpik® improves upon traditional sinus washing with its innovative SinuSense™ sinus wash system. All four products deliver breakthrough performance, comfort enhancements and elevated ergonomics. Even our Soothing Saline formula is revolutionary with its added, unique blend of eucalyptus oil and aloe vera extract packaged in a slim packet for ease of use.

Clear path to clean sinuses.
Our innovations have made cleansing sinuses easier than ever. It’s not just about treatment anymore—it’s about prevention and breathing better every day. Breathe better, feel better, live better.

Thanks to MomSelect I was able to review these products:
Squeeze Bottle- allows you to customize the amount of water flow for a complete cleanse, simply with an easy squeeze. The SoftSeal™ nozzle maximizes comfort and the One-Way FlowControl™ valve prevents backflow to maintain solution purity.
Neti Bottle- a unique approach to the traditional neti pot; its ergonomic shape, SoftSeal™ nozzle and One-Touch FlowControl™ valve make the Neti Bottle easy to hold, comfortable against your nose and creates a controlled gravity-fed water flow that provides a gentle sinus cleansing.

I followed the easy to use instructions. Even though I felt weird doing this cleansing, I actually felt cleansed. I felt like I could breath better. I prefer the Neti bottle because of the shape it worked better for me. I recommend you try this if you haven't.

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