Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Clarins Products Summer 2010 review

Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Creams - A unique exfoliant, without microbeads, that effectively absorbs (removes) dead skin cells and impurities.

Gentle exfoliating cream that promotes radiant skin.
Eliminates dead cells without microbeads.
Boosts skin vitality.
Absorbs impurities with natural clay.
Allergy tested.

Warm a small amount in hands. Apply to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for one minute before removing with light sweeping movements working outwards from middle of the face and neck. Rinse with warm water and complete by applying Brightening Toner.

Active Ingredients-
Primrose extract soothes skin and helps maintain and ideal pH balance.

My thoughts-
I like how easy it is to use. It is not thick and gunky. You follow the application directions and your done. My face feels great. I workout 5 days a week. My face goes through alot all week long. Not to imagine all that it goes through on the weekends. This cream has helped my face feel and actually be clean. I have been applying for am a month and it has not irritated my at-times sensitive skin.

Bright Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched – Three new formulas and textures of the high performance brightening products for brighter, more translucent, flawless and even-toned skin.

The ultra-concentrated roll-on corrector designed to help reduce dark spots and soothe small imperfections.
Helps reduce dark spots and soothe small imperfections.
Convenient and transportable packaging.
Dermatologist tested.

AM and PM, apply roll-on directly onto the dark, sun or small spot.

Active Ingredients-
Enriched with a combination of Sea Lily and Alchemilla extracts to provide optimal protection against dark spots.
Meadowsweet extract purifies and soothes smaller spots.
A combination of raspberry extract, biotin and highly stable

My thoughts-
This roll-on just rolls ons. It is that simply. Have a dark spot, roll it on. I use it on my sun spots all around my face and have noticed the spots to be lighting little by little. My face is fair skin colored and any spots really stick out. The process is gradual but it is working. I have been using the product for a month now. Be careful when applying so product does not spill out. Roll on carefully.

***Disclosure-I received a bottle of Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream with primrose extract and On-The-Spot Brightening Corrector for my review. No sompensation was received. These are Independentmami's honest opinions.

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