Sunday, February 28, 2010

I signed on the dotted line...

I am so excited. On Saturday, we officially signed on the dotted line. I will become Mrs. Garza on September 25, 2010. This day will be a historic day in my life.
Once someone described my life to be like a roller coaster. I never understood why this was said about me. And of course I took it the wrong way. 15 years later I realize that I am like the Texas Cyclone. The Texas Cyclone was the biggest ride at Astroworld. A themepark here in Houston. You could see it from the freeway.

It was larger than life at one time. That big scary roller coaster was so much fun. I remember standing in line waiting to get on. And afterwards it was such a rush. I loved it. That's me. Either join me or don't, but I promise that we will have fun. Life is about having fun. We work so hard in life and we just don't stop sometimes. I guess i am just a rebel and want to enjoy every moment.
Life sent me that rider that will stand in line time after time. He loves the rush, the lows, highs, and all that the Alba's cyclone has to offer.

One thing is you needed a partner to ride, if not you would be partnered with a stranger and that so could ruin the ride. I have found my partner. My partner for life. I think this whole time I had been partnered with strangers and the ride was just not the same. And now, no matter how scary it can be on top of the highest point our life, we are about to do it together.
This is it....stay tuned

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Clueless_Mama said...

Very true post! I have to tell you. I grew up in Texas and the Texas Cyclone was my worst nightmare! I never rode it and always sat at the bottom waiting on everyone to finish the ride. I hated that thing. LOL